Services 服务

1. Outsourcing of Central Kitchen

We are a food manufacturer, with emphasis on sauce related manufacture over the last 60 years. Our mainstays include amongst others, light and thick-soy sauce, chili, tomato, oyster, plum sauces, and etc.

As a result of our capability in producing all types of primary sauces for the use by eateries, which include hawkers, caterers, wholesale centers, restaurants, bulk users, we have been engaged by franchised restaurants in recent years to produce specialized sauces/ingredients in accordance to their needs. We work together with our customers to ensure that:

• Manpower and labour costs are absorbed by SOPs and economies of scale, in view of rising costs and the tightening labour market
• Quality of processed ingredients and sauces are maintained at the highest levels
• Recipes protected under a confidential agreement
• Greatest assets of the kitchen can thus be protected on a Company-to-Company basis
• Products are cost-effectively manufactured
• Undertake delivery to respective outlets on a scheduled basis to meet requirements
• Stringent quality checks and product control instilled to package processed products to assist operators in regional expansion.

2. Import of food products and ingredients from abroad

With a team comprising of Taiwanese nationals who have had strong background of Taiwanese products, we import directly from Taiwan on a periodic basis and distribute the products through channels such as supermarkets, Chinese Medical Halls and other retail outlets islandwide to reach out to end consumers.

We strongly welcome any potential collaboration to ensure:

• Costs are kept to a minimal through bulk procurement and shared freight charges
• Products handled professionally with a dedicated team located in Taiwan to attend to any immediate requests
• Undertake delivery of products to and from the port, and finally, to the designated end destination